The Abbi Agency Rebrand

When The Abbi Agency opened its doors back in 2009, it was a skeleton-crew PR shop that became known for its feisty commitment to ensuring the success of its clients. Over the years, delivering on that commitment required them to become ever-more dexterous at solving problems and providing results in media environments that change literally by the day. Today, TAA is a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary communications company that’s home to over 30 staffers doing everything from content creation and graphic design to brand strategy and social influencer campaigns. And, yes, a healthy amount of PR work, too. Like any company lucky enough to have realized significant growth would be well-advised to do, they recently undertook an unblinking inventory of their brand to assess the voice and visual identity and evolve them to reflect the agency they’ve become. This included a brand new logo, brand identity, brand voice, and website all working in tandem to bring the agency to the place it aspired to be all those years ago.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer
the Abbi Agency
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Art Direction, Creative Research
Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Branding, Logos
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The Abbi Agency Rebrand
The Abbi Agency Rebrand