Xiidra - Not Today, Dry Eye

As Creative Director on the prescription eye drop and Novartis brand, Xiidra, I led the team in the creation of our new campaign - "Not Today, Dry Eye" Our goal was simple: position Xiidra as the drop that provides lasting relief as opposed to over the counter eye drops. We put the spotlight on a cause of dry eye disease, inflammation, by creating an indelible character that personified it. It will live on National TV as well as print, radio, website, banners and all the corresponding materials such as patient starter kits, tele-health, banners, patient brochures, interactive digital walls in doctor's offices, Pandora radio, and beyond. Other materials are currently in the final stages of production.

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Copywriter, Creative Director
Arnold Worldwide
Broadcast, Content Management, Content Writing, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Post-Production
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Xiidra - Not Today, Dry Eye