ESPN | Kick Game Evolution

Being an NBA sneakerhead has become more than having the biggest closet. Meet three players who have embraced the sneaker culture evolution. I was recommended from a colleague to ESPN a few years ago and have building one-page feature articles for them. They provide me with throught out sketch files, in great design patterns - and often even animation motifs. My contribution is not only cranking out markup, js, and styles, but to provide input on interactions and polish up animations. I am a fanboy of GSAP way back in the days of Flash. The rest of the tech I use is the standard: HTML5, SCSS, Webpack, JSON for modeling. The intro animations had a challenge, two seperate images with a foreground and background to match up while having a Ken Burns effect applied - and then timed animations for the text to be shown. After completed this animation I was quite proud on how it turned out.

Project Roles
Animator, Front-End Developer
CSS, HTML, JavaScript
Branded Content, Websites
Project Industries
ESPN | Kick Game Evolution
ESPN | Kick Game Evolution
ESPN | Kick Game Evolution