‘In Pieces’ Movie Poster

I also designed the poster for Kinossaurus’ upcoming release, a feature film called “In Pieces”. The film premiered at the 2020 Rotterdam International Film Film Festival in January 2020. The concept client and I chose for the poster was to reference the film’s visual language: black and white, evoking the shadows and out of focus effects that appear throughout the film. I hand drew dozens of figures inspired by the initial scenes of the film and then photographed and scanned them, and eventually settled on one of the images where I was able to “unfocus” the drawing. I then focused on fine tuning the composition of the poster itself - adding the title, credits, choosing fonts, and inserting the logos for the supporting partners for the film. The main challenge in this project was to balance the light and shadow, ensuring the minimalism of the design while also making sure the poster felt refined and finished, and making sure that none of the text and the logos and the credits, took too much away from the imagery.

Project Roles
Design, Traditional / Hand-drawn
Illustrations, Visual Designs
‘In Pieces’ Movie Poster