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Identity for Chandelier Creative

Music is an important part of Chandelier—it’s in the work, it’s in the studios, it’s in their free-time when they go out to dance, DJ, or sing karaoke. This direction is an homage to music in general, no specific genre, but to the dynamic and uplifting qualities that music brings into our lives and to what makes Chandelier so great. Musical notes build the base of this direction, their abstract and geometric forms are becoming elements of design. Sometimes mezzo forte, prominent and colorful, and other times piano, quiet and reduced to just a pattern in the background. The wordmark uses the same elements, simple geometric forms in symbiosis with a grotesk typeface, to evoke grooviness. It’s a bit jazzy but also modern and techno.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer
Chandelier Creative
Art Direction, Design
Brand Identity
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Identity for Chandelier Creative
Identity for Chandelier Creative