This project derived from a simple question; How can we create sustainable innovative packaging and product design that can be multipurpose and reusable in attempt to reduce waste? I conducted surveys and did research on materialism, innovative packaging solutions and other ways to promote sustainably through a product and its brand. As a result, I conducted my own product line called Petalpops; flower shaped lollipops with flower seeds on the other end of the stick that correspond to the type of flower on the lollipop. Children can eat the pop then plant the flower or better yet, “Lick them, Stick them, Pick them.” Each petal pop has a black line that shows how far deep to insert the stick into the ground. The pops are placed in an actual planting pot which again promotes the idea of reusability so that the packaging doesn’t have to go to waste. The pops also come with complimentary booklets that show the user how to care for that specific type of flower. All materials are either biodegradable or eco-friendly. The brand itself promotes sustainability as the type and images are hand drawn, thus giving it a natural organic aesthetic. No two letters are the same the same way no two flowers are the same in nature.

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