Lyft: Undercover Lyft

Lyft sets itself apart from competitor Uber by being the friendlier, more community focused ride sharing service. So to launch a campaign that aimed to show the human side of Lyft, we sent hometown heroes out as drivers to surprise and connect with real passengers in their communities. We started with Jerry Rice in San Francisco and followed with Cubs pitcher Chris Bryant in Chicago, and after huge earned media fanfare, Lyft continued to do dozens more undercover activations with celebrities across the country. The campaign also celebrated other every day hero Lyft drivers and passengers. We shot and interviewed over 25 real Lyft users and asked them to answer one question – Why I Lyft. The result was an authentic and decidedly non corporate OOH and digital campaign, with headlines and stories inspired by real Lyft users.

Project Roles
Brand Management, Conceptual, Copywriting
Commercials - Video
Project Industries
Automotive, Travel/Tourism