Adobe: Movie Magic

Adobe XD was a late entry into the quickly expanding UX design tool space and lagged competitors in features and capabilities. Millennial designers were also more likely to see Adobe as “outdated” or a corporate entity, so we needed an aggressive move to win back the hearts and minds of the younger designer audience. So we looked to The Terminator to help give us an edge. With the new movie coming out, and interest in the classic piqued, we enlisted a top Hollywood design studio to help us reimagine the UX from the original blockbuster — all using Adobe XD. The campaign got 57 earned articles within one week of launch, including an exclusive in Fast Company, which praised the campaign and Adobe XD, as well as three placements in gaming pubs (IGN, VB, and GamesBeat). A perfect storm of creative meeting earned media, I partnered with a an earned media account lead to execute.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Adobe XD, Art Direction, Conceptual, Copywriting
3D Animations, UX Designs
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