Virgin America: Blah Airlines

Virgin America wanted to give everyone a wake-up call, reminding everyone that flying can still be inspiring, modern, and fun. The brainchild of Creative Directors Sara Worthington and Aryan Aminzadeh, Blah Airlines was born to show how soul-sucking generic airline travel can be. We launched BLAH Airlines with a recreation of a cross-country flight from takeoff to landing—all 5 hours and 45 minutes of it. The film lived on YouTube as the longest video pre-roll ever made. You can watch the trailer here. But that was just the beginning. We also created a comically terrible website, toll-free number, and fax responses and more. During the campaign, I served as the “incompetent social media manager” running all of the BLAH airlines social media accounts. Apparently, I did a “good” job and we got awarded the Shorty Award, for Best Integrated Campaign, Twitter. (we also won a couple of other awards for the entire campaign

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