Many do not realize that Colorectal Cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the U.S. yet it is highly preventable and treatable. Working with the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation, MRY had the opportunity to raise awareness about this important topic that people find awkward to approach and discuss. By creating the Colon-O-Tron, an interactive educational game displayed in a window at Rockefeller Plaza, where foot traffic averages 350,000 per day, people were invited in a fun way to face the facts of the disease, get educated on prevention, and be inspired to talk about what they learned. Passersby were greeted by friendly-flashing lights and on-screen animations encouraging them to play by using a mobile site on their smartphone. Doing a certain number of jumping jacks, or half-jacks for those with limitations, activated a motion sensor and set a ball in motion through varying levels of success in fitness (Stay Lean), eating healthy (Eat Clean), and preventative testing (Get Screened). Throughout the game the player’s mobile device provided simple instructions, driven by Arduino physical computing. At the end of the game, they were prompted to easily share with friends and family, donate to the Foundation via mobile and play again. Ask me about the lessons learned on this one!

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