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TED team pennants

I love working with all the teams over at TED, but I've worked with their tech team the most over the years. They're a great group, always open to new ideas and doing something different to make their team feel special. Pennants aren't new in the grand scheme of things, but when charged with coming up with a new team anniversary gift, I loved the idea of making something that people could hang with pride, like a pennant hung after a big championship. It is after all a big achievement to cross off another year at a company, so a keepsake like a high-end pennant checked a lot of boxes. We knew something hand-made of high quality material would make it feel extra special, so I had them all screen-printed on top shelf felt right here in the US. For the pennant colors, I followed the traditional anniversary stones for each respective year, but strayed slightly on a few to get the right vibe for the full collection. I then matched those colors with some classic display typefaces and custom ornamental elements to finish off the look & feel we were going for. And just for this code-savvy crowd, on the right side of the pennants I planted some easter eggs. In the form of an "IO" pattern, I added what is actually a unique binary code for each year. Translated, the codes include exclamations like: "Congrats!", "WOOHOO!", and "Thumbs up!"

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