Questing Startup

MullenLowe had a culture problem. It wasn't geeky enough. And when the entire world is becoming a Twitch-watching, video game-playing, society of people who pretend to be elves on the weekends—that's a big business problem. I wanted to consolidate MullenLowe's geeky talent and resources into a team that could work on projects across departments. We had two objectives (often called "quests" in video games). One, we wanted to inform the agency's non-geeks the value of rising geek ecosystems like gaming developers, platforms, and subcultures using data, workshops, and field research. Two, we wanted to put MullenLowe's tech-savvy geeks into the same room with less red tape so they could move fast on business opportunities and iterate on new client projects and agency side-projects.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Director, Recruiter, Strategist
Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Creative Research, Project Management, Research
Briefs, Games - Board, Games - Console, Games - Mobile
Project Industries
Advertising, Entertainment, Gaming
Questing Startup