University of Oregon - Matthew Knight Arena

Downstream is redesigning much of the inner workings of the Matthew Knight Arena at the University of Oregon. On the digital side of things, we designed and built a 360° experience in the shape of the iconic U of O “O” Icon. We created an immersive space with multiple uses: Recruitment Mode, Players in the NBA, “Deep in the Woods” and “Hype Mode” (to be played before players run out onto the court). Working under a design director, I was in charge of designing all but 1 mode. This included UI design, 3D animation, 2D animation, 360° videography and motion studies for our developer to reference.

Project Roles
Motion Designer, UI Designer
University of Oregon
2D, 360° Video, 3D, Design, Motion
2D Animations, 360° Video, 3D Animations, Brand Guidelines, UI Design
Project Industries
University of Oregon - Matthew Knight Arena