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WNET'S Social Media Suite

PROBLEM: Bespoke AV content consistently performs on social media, but the WNET social media team rarely had access to talent for social media production. SOLUTION: Twice a year, the WNET publicity team flies out majority of the upcoming season’s talent to participate in TCA. Taking advantage of all this time with talent, Whitney created a full-scale social media studio on site. Working with the hotel, Whitney nailed down a location, hired a local crew and had AV concepts approved by series teams and talent. Whitney produced and directed each “social media suite” and worked with in-house editing teams to create high-quality, socially optimized assets for show pages (FB, IG, YT etc). This studio allowed show pages to have access to more talent than ever before and led to the production of over 20 pieces of social content, shot over a 2-day period. See below link for an example of the content captured.

Project Roles
Content Producer, Content Strategist, Director, Producer
Content Strategy, Creative Strategy, Social Media Strategy
Social Media Content
Project Industries
Entertainment, Non-Profit
WNET'S Social Media Suite