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Starbucks Reserve Package Design

Jamaica Blue Mountain is a small-batch by the pound coffee sold exclusively at the Starbucks Roastery for a limited time. Named after the blue-tinged mist along the Jamaican mountainside, this coffee is grown beneath a 2,250- metre peak. The dew, along with plentiful rainfall and fertile soil, helps create Ideal growing conditions. After the harvest, the beans are scrutinized and certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica to ensure nothing short of the highest quality. Jamaica only produces 4 to 5 million pounds of it every year and 80 percent of it is exported and consumed in Japan. The result is a complex cup with layers of citrus flavour and a hint of chocolate. I wanted to showcase this unique growing condition by sprinkling rain drops throughout the design starting with the clouds at the top. While this landscape is immediately identifiable by the blue mountains, I was intrigued by how diverse the interior canopy rain forest is. By including many plants and animals in this design, it is showcasing a deeper dive into the life within the Blue Mountains exterior. Finally, this particular coffee goes through considerable lengths to be approved as authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain beans. Because of this rigorous process, I wanted to nod to that by including a hand in the bottom left corner inspecting a bean.

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Designer, Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator
Illustrations, Packaging
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Starbucks Reserve Package Design