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City Of Drones

My role in this project was tech lead + WebGL development. A DIGITAL LANDSCAPE BY LIAM YOUNG + JOHN CALE + FIELD.IO City of Drones is an interactive digital environment developed by musician John Cale, speculative architect Liam Young and digital artists FIELD. Charting the story of a lost drone drifting through an abstract cityscape, players are invited to pilot a virtual craft and remotely explore this imaginary world. Samples from Cale’s original soundscape compositions echo across the landscape as we see the city through the eyes of the drone, buzzing between the buildings, drifting endlessly, in an ambient audio visual choreography. PRODUCED BY THE BARBICAN CO-COMMISSIONED BY THE SPACE PART OF THE BARBICAN DIGITAL REVOLUTION EXHIBITION

Project Roles
Creative Technologist, Developer
JavaScript, WebGL, Three.js
Interactive Installations
Project Industries
City Of Drones