Chipotle "School of Guac"

Teens love burritos. But after E-Coli, even the youths were dubious. Chipotle needed to reconnect with their high-school and collegiate audience. At the time, Snapchat was the new platform ripe to be “disrupted.” We launched Chipotle on Snapchat with a weekly one-minute variety show that was just as weird as teenagers on Snapchat and called the show “School of Guac.” We programmed, scheduled and marketed it like broadcast TV. So I was there to help with write the scripts and concept funny teaser content that would get teens to tune in.

Project Roles
Carrot Creative
Copywriting, Humor, Scripting
Advertising, Brand Films, Social Media Content
Project Industries
Advertising, Restaurant
Chipotle "School of Guac"