An Independent and Original VR Experience // Inside Out

"Art is everywhere. It’s just a matter of feeling it." "INSIDE OUT" is an immersive independent VR Art installation that takes place in an abandoned shed, and is intended to provoke and exacerbate all our senses, transforming the way we connect with art. Through a fictional narrative, we follow the steps of our protagonist, the Jamaican executive Olivia Baker. She’s facing a crossroads in her life, and after getting in touch with her inner conflicts and creating an empathetic bond with her, we suddenly find ourselves walking in her shoes. At first, we try to ignore it and even fight against it… but from this moment on - finding ourselves immersed in all forms of arts and overwhelmed by the same beauty and enchantment that'd help her (and definitely us all) to feel the actual meaning Art can have in our lives - we couldn't imagine that such a deep experience would make our relationship with Art change forever. Status: Currently in Development / Pre-production Estimated Release Date: Oct, 2022* Production: Personal project + Broders Interactive My role: concept, world building, experience design, immersive narrative, screenwriting, direction Credits: Broders Interactive, Bruno, Marta Orbo (Garage Stories), VRTL Academy. Score: “Fallen” by Kevin-Graham

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Copywriter, Producer, Writer, Director
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An Independent and Original VR Experience // Inside Out