Look Through Your Hands

In order to diagnose and prevent breast cancer at an early stage, you need to do regular self breast exams. The brief was to create a print campaign that will motivate women to do self breast exams.​​​​​​​ American Foundation for the Blind defines Braille system as "a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who are blind or who have low vision." In short, you need to touch the dots with your hands to read. This definition is very similar to the definition of self-breast examination; you need to touch your breasts with your hands to check if there are any lumps. We built our campaign on this analogy, in order to make women read "the signs" before it's too late. We wrote "undiagnosed cancer" on the breast with Braille system. We thought, if women don't see the risk of getting breast cancer, then they can see that risk through their hands.

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Look Through Your Hands
Look Through Your Hands
Look Through Your Hands
Look Through Your Hands