MTV VMAs 2017: 360 Campaign

The Moonman represents MTV’s spirit: choosing to go into the unknown and break new ground. In a world where we’re often told what to do and encouraged to follow expectations, the VMAs are a rare chance to choose our artists, our culture, our own identity. Ignited by music and performance, the VMAs allow us all to tap into the fun, bold Moonman in each of us. Awards: 97th ADC Annual Award: Gold, PRINT Regional Design Awards. Logo: Champions Design. Photography: David LaChapelle

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Designer
Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Conceptual
Advertising, Billboards, Branding, Commercials - Broadcast, Environmental Design, Events, Motion Graphics, Posters
Project Industries
Advertising, Entertainment, Media, Music
MTV VMAs 2017: 360 Campaign
MTV VMAs 2017: 360 Campaign
MTV VMAs 2017: 360 Campaign