Burn to Give

Burn to Give's mission is to encourage people to become more active by offering an altruistic incentive. When you track your exercise in the app, Burn to Give will 'convert' the calories you burn into meals for malnourished people around the world. Burn 500 calories on your run? Thats a meal donated to a charity of your choice. Burn to Give came to MetaLab looking to improve the platform's retention and general usability. After some early research, we discovered a few potential opportunities. Firstly, people who are altruistically motivated are more likely to continue donating if they see their impact. Secondly, people keep exercising if they are kept accountable and have friendly competition. And finally, people are more likely to achieve their goals if they're noted down. With these findings in mind, we re-designed Burn to Give to include key features such as the ability to set meal goals and join/complete brand-sponsored challenges with others. We also helped them refresh the visual identity, and provided a content strategy to help them better share the impact of donations to encourage retention.

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Art Director, Content Strategist, Creative Director, Product Designer, Strategist
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Non-Profit, Sports
Burn to Give