Sound Art

As a sound artist, music is a pathway to “seeing” the world through a different lens entirely. To have vision in sound is to utilize, manipulate and control structures that are part of our every day life but are concealed by a dimensional veil. On the other side of that veil is a world we are not normally accustomed to noticing. I’m referring to the arithmetical characteristics of music and its relationship to time. That is, music can be visualized as geometrical shapes which are contained in spaces of time separated by instances of its own sound and silence. This is the musical organism. But as with all art, although technique and structure are its backbone, music can not rely solely on these concepts. As beautiful as geometric shapes are on their own, a true artist will always shape these structures by refining and polishing them with poetry. Poetry? The elusive transcendental cornerstone of pure art.

Project Roles
Artist, Composer, Designer, Producer, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer
Conceptual, Electronica, Environments, Experiential, Music, Musical Effects, Pro Tools, Sound Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Textures
Project Industries
Sound Art