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Universal Standard 1:1 Retail

AWAY | AT HOME The overall inspiration for this design uses our brand philosophy of practical aspiration; by taking design elements that could often be associated with a high-end luxury apartment and juxtaposing them in an environment that feels lived-in. The goal of the concept is to have guests feel a sense of welcome-wanderlust in these environments, and become completely comfortable in the ‘away’, that they feel at home.

Project Roles
Architect, Creative Director, Designer, Furniture Designer
Grayscale Design Studio
2D, 3D, Architectural Scale, Art Direction, AutoCAD, Conceptual, Design, Experiential, Fabrication, Low / High Fidelity Prototyping
Retail Designs
Project Industries
Entertainment, Fashion, Retail
Universal Standard 1:1 Retail
Universal Standard 1:1 Retail
Universal Standard 1:1 Retail