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Let in, Let go

The piece ran on a 20 minute loop providing a meditation, chill space for passersby during the hectic rush of Art Basel & Miami Art Week! “Let in, Let go” explores the interplay of natural and digital elements in a series of video art and collage. The two worlds merge together with their similar visual qualities of symmetry, repeating patterns, shapes, color and form while moving across the room to complementary binaural beats, featuring music by the incredible Cory Allen. Additional tracks composed with Artlist.io, by Kloyd, Rew, Jon Gegelman, and Tomas Novoa. The tempo of the work is designed to linger slightly longer than average attention spans, offering a brief moment of sanctuary from our fast-paced busy lives. Binaural sounds accompany the piece with a slightly different frequency in the left and right speakers. By listening to these different tones your brainwaves can induce altered states of relaxation, meditation and creativity. I’ve created my visuals to match these sounds and beats to help bring awareness of the present moment and a peaceful pause to all who view the piece.

Project Roles
2D, Motion
2D Animations, Motion Graphics, Projection Mapping
Project Industries
Let in, Let go