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A Portrait of Cuba

I co directed and shot this film 'A portrait of Cuba'. We collaborated with the music of Danglo to create something that felt chaotic, colourful, unapologetically loud and in your face. Like Cuba itself, a real sensory overload. The culture has a tempo and a pace that is all encompassing. The rhythm and the pace of the cuts help to convey this. We wanted the film to encapsulate this uninhibited, vivacious and spontaneous culture we experienced. A true and relevant response to Cuba and its people. A place both held in the past and yearning to move forward. Everything in the film is a real moment. This was a true passion project, and is an example of what I am capable of even without a budget.

Project Roles
Art Director, Art Producer, Director, Editor (Film/TV)
Adobe Premiere Pro, Cinematography, Documentary
Documentaries, Music Videos