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You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone!

With the ever-changing landscape of our society, it’s not out of the question that traditional practices and routines are becoming outdated and are in need of a revision. Death is no exception. As our digital lives grow, our digital legacy has become an important asset to funeral planning as well as a way to facilitate how our stories and legacy can be carried on. However, currently, there is a lack of actual guidance that addresses how we can have a meaningful digital legacy or what importance a digital legacy can carry beyond just a memorial page on Facebook or giving your family your twitter password. You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone: Exploring Digital Legacy, is a project that aims to bridge the knowledge gap that exists currently for digital legacy, create a continual connection between the living and the dead, show how we can have some sense of agency over our own deaths and more importantly, facilitate the move of digital legacy from an area of practicality to an area of sentimentality through visual branding, scenario/world building, and experiential narrative.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director, Designer
2D, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Print
Advertising, Brand Identity, Posters, Visual Designs
You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone!