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Javier Marimon @ Calma

CALMA 01 was an incredible listening journey that happened through a cold and beautiful Saturday in Madrid. Real special venue, perfect sound, organization and fully immersed public. The journey before my live set already created a crazy solemn silence, only broken from time to time by soft entropy. The day would unfold with no light outside and a perfect calm after such experience. It was absolutely amazing. This recording of my live performance starts after 2 unfortunate issues with power banks and painfully broken sound that got magnified because of the intimately infinite room through a lonely delay. Thanks for the reaction, it was beautiful. The set is turbulent and conditional, hope you enjoy it again. https://soundcloud.com/calmama…/javier-marimon-live-calma-01 Thanks and respect for the invitation to participate, to the invisible listeners, the music lesson by all the rest of artists and for the unique experience of feeling home in Calma with all of you. Performed on Octatrack, Sp404, Kp3, Volca Kick, several fx and recordings.

Project Roles
Animator, Editor (Film/TV)
2D, Motion
2D Animations, Music Videos
Project Industries