Pure Vitamins

This the Pure Vitamins case, where we decided to apply conversational interface approach in order to make the customer journey more interactive. Telling a brand story breaks up when the user comes to the typical check out mechanics. For a Pure Vitamins concept, we wanted to keep the story talking through each step of the user journey on a website. Here we have contributed into everything started from brand name, identity, brand story and the UX/UI design of the e-commerce website.

Project Roles
Art Director, Artist, Copywriter, Creative Director, Creative Technologist, Front-End Developer, Product Designer, UX/IA Designer
Pure vitamins
Brand Strategy, Design, Marketing Strategy, Packaging Design, Product Development, User Behavior Research, User Research
Brand Identity, Branded Content, Branding, Web Apps, Websites
Project Industries
Beauty, Health/Pharma
Pure Vitamins
Pure Vitamins
Pure Vitamins