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Deeno Finance

Deeno App is a mobile bank for those who think banking cards are the old school. During the first product workshop with Deeno team we got a clear understanding that we need to come up with some kind of killer feature. The market is too red for stepping in with just a default "pay-receive-track" pack of features. Instead of blind ideating, we decided to talk to actual customers of other UK-based mobile banks. During series of interviews, we had been asking a bunch of questions, but the main one was this – "What is really irritating in your banking experience right now?". Long story short – the answers were really different, but we were really shocked to hear two things: Netflix and Parking (WHAT??). Actually, people were extremely angry because of automated subscriptions for Netflix and parking slots. They just tend to forget to switch them off when they don't use them and their mobile banks didn't help them anyhow. As the mobile banks should stand for your wealth, we decided to come up with a concept of Subscription Concierge – before each automated payment you get a notification to approve or decline it. Also, you see all forthcoming subscriptions, so now you won't miss the flash and save your money.

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Producer, Product Designer, Project Manager, UI Designer, UX/IA Designer
Deeno Finance
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Deeno Finance