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We use our phones a lot. Even when we donʼt need to. It wastes time, and decreases productivity. Ultimately, it makes us less mindful of our space, time, and ourselves. This aspect of losing self awareness and mindfulness is the angle I wanted to focus on because we lose so much of our ‘meʼ time when weʼre too caught up on twitter or instagram. I wanted to help users to get back into that phone free (or phone less) space and thatʼs why I created Tranquill, which I call a space for relaxed productivity. It’s a digital platform that raises time awareness of excessive phone usage by nurturing creativity, productivity, and mindfulness. We help users distance themselves from excessive phone use by providing a digital platform for creative mindfulness and relaxed productivity. We encourage time awareness of excessive phone usage through a digital platform that nurtures their creativity, productivity, and mindfulness.

Project Roles
App Developer, UX/IA Designer, UI Designer, Typographer, Product Designer, Front-End Developer, Editor (Copy), Editor (Brand/Content), Designer, Creative Director, Copywriter, Content Strategist, Art Producer, Art Director, Writer
self initiated
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Art Direction, Content Writing, Copywriting, Figma
App Design, Interaction Designs, Mobile Apps, Products - Digital
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