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Hay Day 360 VR

Producer: Adam Reeb Production Coordinator: Sardor Kaziyev Creative Director: Robert Sethi 2D Lead Artist: Martin Karlsson 3D Lead Artist: Robert Chapman, Blake Guest 2D Artists: Tom Van Dop, Jake Albers 3D Artists: Blake Sullivan, Ed Laag, Mike Di Nocco, Juan Zavala, Katie Yancey, Ziye Liu, Nole Murphy, Ahmed Elmatarawi, Peter Claes, Daniel Soo, Jeremy Ramizrez, Juan Salazar, Katie Yoon, Cory Cosper, Jacob Bergman, Jason Jansky, Kelly Perez, David Breaux Design: Ed Laag, Eugene Gauran, Amy Graham, Gabriel Perez, Handly Eugene Art Department: Bradley Rhone, Gary Marschka

Project Roles
The Mill
3D, Design
3D Animations, 3D Illustrations