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BANANA / Dispossession of land, water, life

Through a series of documentary videos, CoopDocs Cooperativa Audiovisual in alliance with the Institute of Ecuadorian Studies and the Association of Agricultural and Banana Workers of Ecuador -Astac Coortraba, make visible the other side of the banana industry. Through testimonies and images, he realizes the breach of obligations related to labor and environmental rights, as well as the right to free unionization of workers in the banana sector. In the province of Los Ríos there is a kind of water sequestration. The use of the vital liquid and the grabbing of underground water sources by the large banana industry affects, among others, small and medium producers. In addition, pollution caused by banana plantations affects the culture and life of communities that depend on the river. As traditional farms disappear and large ones become banana monocultures, the water culture automatically disappears. Flora and fauna on river banks are at risk. Life is in danger.

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Creative Director, Director, Editor (Film/TV), Executive Producer, Photographer
Creative Direction, Film Photography
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