Nike Grind

Nike Grind is a suite of innovative and sustainable high-performance recycled and regenerated materials. But... it's confusing, and so was the existing site. My team and I were tasked with redesigning the site from the ground up (pun intended). I was UX/IA/UI designer for the project as well as Creative Lead.  ​ Grind is found in a variety of Nike's wearable products, but it's also used to create elite sport surfaces like basketball courts, running tracks and football fields. That's where this site comes in to play. Customers (e.g. Athletic Director looking to turf a stadium) use the site to learn about Grind and decide which variety they need for their project. Nike doesn't sell Grind directly, so the customer is then connected with the appropriate Nike-licensed vendor partner (e.g. AstroTurf). There was a whole B2B login that I could get into, but I feel like we've gone far enough down this road for now.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Designer, Editor (Copy), UI Designer, UX/IA Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Keynote, Low / High Fidelity Prototyping, Mobile, Retouching
Project Industries
B2B, Sports
Nike Grind