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Admit One, Game animation

ADMIT ONE, the Game, was an idea I created on the whim, after thinking of how to make something like an app-game with the use of humanoid characters. This has to be my biggest project to date, and was very much appreciated and loved once shown to the public. This took about a month to create the voices, animations, drawings, and colour-scheme. I was going for something "downtown, dark and easily able to see." One of my favorite parts about this project was making the voices. I used a voice modifier app to make the different voices for the two ticket-characters, and then used my own voice for the announcement parts, but more "kawaii"-esque. Personally, when I hear my voice doing all these parts, I can't help but laugh at & with myself for how funny I sound, and how cringe-y it can be, but it's just a voice and I like how it came together.

Project Roles
Animator, Creative Director, Designer
Must Die MgMt.
2D, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Art Direction
2D Animations, Advertising
Project Industries
Advertising, Entertainment, Gaming
Admit One, Game animation