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NVIDIA Outsmart/Outplay

This fun and engaging integrated campaign delivered a double-digit increase in YoY sales figures for NVIDIA-powered laptops. Targeting the newly minted, college-going audience who were not technically savvy with a YouTube video, influencer campaign, and a first-of-its-kind branded Fortnite map. We launched the campaign with a video that weaved together genuine student moments with NVIDIA benefits and starring real campus students. We also shot and edited the entire production on an NVIDIA-powered laptop. The second part of the campaign had renowned Fortnite creators build us a custom NVIDIA-branded level in the game, making it one of the first and deepest integrations any brand has ever done in the Fortnite. Players who completed the map were encouraged to share their success for a chance to win an NVIDIA-powered laptop for college. We received over 2000 entries and thousands of more plays in the first 24 hours of release. The map was also featured in the Fortnite’s “Featured Maps” section, helping us reach over 14 million payers. There were localized versions for Spanish, French, and German players, too. By the end of the campaign, the map had been played over several million times, with a complete run-through taking 20 minutes. Influencers got in on the game as well with some of their own videos garnering over 500k views on YouTube.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Conceptual, Copywriting, Film, Game Design, Scripting
Project Industries
Education, Gaming, Technology
NVIDIA Outsmart/Outplay