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Experience Kissimmee "Finding Whelmed"

In the heart of Florida lies a new emotion. Beneath a show lies a bigger story. Finding Whelmed is a docu-style film that follows a travel show’s crew as they go in search of their globetrotting host who’s supposedly gone missing in Kissimmee, FL. The group tries to piece together their host’s whereabouts when they come across a new word that seems to be a part of the locals’ vocabulary—“Whelmed” is a feeling of elevated contentment that’s unique to Kissimmee due to the city’s perfect combination of relaxing and exciting activities. How peculiar. With their deadline looming, the crew hustles to get footage and find their friend amidst airboats, margaritas, gators, meteorology, ziplining, jousting and more. While shooting for the Kissimmee episode, it becomes clear to award-winning Director Tyler Measom there may be a film here too. *Watch the full-length film on Prime or findingwhelmed.com

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Copywriter, Writer
Content Writing, Copywriting
Commercials - Video, Documentaries
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Advertising, Travel/Tourism