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Music video

The band Kíváncsi Katica és mesezenekara (Curious Katica and Her Fairytale Band) hired us to design a memorable and friendly visual accompaniment to their new birthday song. To achieve our project targets, we combined multiple techniques and coordinated the teams, coworkers and staff who worked alongside us. After the completion of the storyboard, we had the opportunity to meet the band and create the greenbox recording, which was a new experience for us. The visual material captured with this technique was brought to life with graphics designed by Edith Pojum. The graphics were then added to the animation program in 3D. The lion’s share of the work, however, started only after this phase, when we launched into the meshing of orchestral recordings and custom artwork to create the envisioned video clip. The result was a dynamically illustrated and composed music video, which is bound to bring a lot of joy to children’s birthdays across the wider Hungarian community. Our roles: -Idea conceptualization -Storyboard -Live action filming with greenbox technique -Animation -Editing -Project management

Project Roles
Animator, Art Producer, Editor (Film/TV)
Curious Katica and Her Fairytale Band
Adobe Animate, Editing, Film
Music Videos
Project Industries