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Top 10 Entry to One Rendering Challenge

One of 10 commended entries to One Rendering challenge by Architizer. This bus stop is an example of how architecture storytelling changes with time. Made in the soviet time bus stops like this one also had an ideological function – to tell a story of the country people were living in. But architecture lives longer than ideas. With time the USSR’s brutalist oasis in the middle of nowhere became a shabby reminder of the past. Instead of a buzzy crowd of local workers, there is a cow grazing on grass. And the modern man is standing, detached, near the stop. He doesn’t want to interact with the idea of what this bus stop embodies. It’s now better for the cow – they don’t care. Because ideas pass by, but architecture stays.

Project Roles
VFX Artist
3D, Adobe Photoshop
3D Illustrations
Top 10 Entry to One Rendering Challenge