Leap Beyond

Senior capstone project from the University of Cincinnati College of design. Problem Space We as human beings are inherently curious about the world around us, and many of the inventions we take for granted every day were discovered because we went to space. Yet currently in the US only half a penny from every tax dollar is spent on space programs. Imagine how many more breakthroughs in science and technology we could uncover with more support and funding from you. It’s time to refuel humanity’s passion and support for space exploration by continuing on the quest for knowledge. Design Criteria (why an animated video) This video is the first step at inspiring the audience to take action, become more educated on the facts and learn more about space exploration. Animation has the ability to show our universe in a way not typically seen with images from telescopes and allows the story to be told in a more artistic visual way. The design goal was to inspire, captivate and drive support for space exploration, which is a vital part of humanity's current and future existence.

Project Roles
Animator, Designer, Motion Designer, Producer, Sound Designer, VFX Artist, Writer
University of Cincinnati
Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Content Writing, Storyboarding
3D Animations, Brand Films, Short Films
Project Industries
Education, Entertainment, Media, Non-Profit, Technology
Leap Beyond
Leap Beyond
Leap Beyond