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Spicy Dude Reviews

Spicy Dude Reviews is a small video game review project I've started recently on YouTube. The format, style, and tone are all my own and the overall process took approximately two and a half days. (about 7 hours total), not including the time I had already put into the game. My review process went as follows; 1. Record ~1 hour of gameplay showcasing: menus, characters, various difficulties, areas, items, etc. while taking notes on various points that came to mind. 2. Break down and expand ALL notes into several categories (gameplay, graphics, sound, longevity, and miscellaneous) 3. Select the necessary points for the video, refine ideas and examples. 4. Record commentary in Adobe Audition. 5. Import footage, commentary, and YouTube graphics into Adobe Premiere. 6. Edit footage to line up with the points in the commentary. 7. Review video, make further edits. 8. Finalize and publish. Thumbnail and end-card were created using Adobe Spark.

Project Roles
Content Producer, Writer
Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Editing, Producing, Sound Editing
Branded Content
Project Industries
Gaming, Media