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eBay Holiday Jargon Jar

They say the holidays start earlier each year...but when you're the one tasked with banging the drum, what do you do? When eBay wanted to create a holiday splash in September, we asked ourselves...holiday chatter can be powerfully annoying, but can it be harnessed? With that thought we created the holiday Jargon Jar, a Twitter account that counted all the jargon leading up to the actual holidays...and used it to create chatter-fueled charitable donation to SCORE (a charity that supports new small business owners and entrepreneurs). We get to start talking about the holidays early, and somehow, everybody wins! Check and mate.

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Art Director, Creative Director, Designer
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design
Social Media Content
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Advertising, Retail
eBay Holiday Jargon Jar
eBay Holiday Jargon Jar