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Smash a Cup

Smash a Cup is an indie brand that appears in the old Beijing alleys (hutong) and indie coffee shops. It has been focusing on tea since 2013. When the brand was first established, the founder Yipeng Zhang bought rooibos tea across half the world from South Africa to China. She wants to introduce rooibos tea into the Chinese market for young people. She wants to show them that drinking tea can be easy and fun. She is trying to break the impression of old Chinese tea and drink it with attitude. That’s why she named the brand Smash a Cup. From the most used African shaped triangle, I designed both Chinese and English font for Smash a Cup. We combined Memphis and African Ndebele style patterns together to design a hierarchy pattern system as the key visual for the brand, using bold lines to separate each of them, is authentic, but also modern, with vivid colors still working with different flavors of tea, making people feel bright and fun.

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Smash a Cup