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BANABANA is a banana lifestyle brand that focuses on food-wasting, food desert, and other food problems around the world. The brand starts with paying attention to the little food wasting problem that happens every single day. For example, bananas go bad quickly, and people always ended up throwing them away. Knowing that small actions in daily life can make a difference, it can save resources, time, and dollars to help more people who need food and do good to the planet. BANABANA is raising people's awareness of the world-wide food-wasting problem, and why correct food storage is essential. Everybody can do it, and it not difficult, starting from bananas. Bananas like to be hanging and staying indoor temperature. Bananas later became the iconic simple for BANABANA. Here, Banana represents no waste, loving, and sustainable life attitude. BANABANA is continuing focusing on food storage education and developing a family product for food storage. The BANABANA brand family has other three lines. A CAFE line for banana lovers to enjoy delicious banana food. A lab that dedicates to teach people how to make food last longer with simple home materials and school education. A foundation that is working on changing the food problems around the world gives back to society. The visual system works with simple illustrations and bright colors; the brand is welcoming and approachable for the millennials. Living in a sustainable life can also be fun, cool, and effortless.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer, Strategist
Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Design
Brand Identity