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ChartIQ Financial Charting Library

At ChartIQ, I worked as a Javascript Engineer, contributing to the development of ChartIQ's flagship "Financial Charting Library". This product contends with other charting resources in the Financial industry around the world. In so doing, using HTML5 and Javascript, with ability to be integrated into, and customized for, many development environments. I had 2 roles at ChartIQ, as a Javascript Engineer: The 1ST role was to contribute to the development of the Charting Library's 2nd iteration. This entailed building new features, exterminating bugs, cleaning the codebase, and writing client-facing documentation. The 2ND role was to create EToro's "ProCharts" feature. This entailed implementing the ChartIQ library into an AngularJS environment, using EToro's many feature and design specifications. This required communication across several timezones and over-coming language barriers. (A very unique and enlightening opportunity, indeed!)

Project Roles
Developer, Front-End Developer
AngularJS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
Data Visualization, Infographics
Project Industries
ChartIQ Financial Charting Library