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This one is artistic, I think, and uhm...no heading

I looked at my fingernails and saw that they've grown too likkle for me to even consider cutting them, but I am noticing that the size they HAVE grown to, renders them a disturbance during the performance of even the most mundane tasks. Immediately after this observation, I started thinking on a more cosmic plain...I mean, when is the best time to act? Immediately? After thinking a likkle, pondering a likkle? After long consideration, weighing up all the pros and cons? Firstly, I reckon that each of the options can be employed, barring certain variables are considered beforehand. These could be environmental considerations, which refers to the playing field, if you will. Also, the operating conditions, hence, the rules between which you have to operate, in order to establish and maintain longevity and ultimately a more believable bottom line, based on consistently playing by the rules. Secondly, in a business environment and especially for the purpose of establishing and maintaining longevity, these and many other variables need to be considered before plotting a desired course or even considering deviating from an existing course of action with perhaps a modified strategy or a revived ad campaign. We see the need for this kind of alternative application in what the mind requires to function

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This one is artistic, I think, and uhm...no heading