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CES 2019 - Dell Experience

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the Dell Experience went bigger than ever before with an interactive multi-use space all centered around the theme “Visionary Perspectives”. The experience was an invitation to see Dell’s vision for the future of computing. Allowing them to shine as pioneers and engineers of technology that gets us to that future today. Using lines to showcase multiple Perspectives. Parallels are drawn between products, stories and more importantly, Dell’s breadth of capability. These lines work as narrative threads to pull visitors through the space, in and out of distinct zones. The project was also awarded “Best Brand Experience” Bronze 2019 - North America by Transform Magazine. Video: © Dell and FITCH, Photos: © Dell and Chris Griggs

Project Roles
Creative Director
Creative Direction
2D Animations, Advertising, Brand Identity, Branded Content, Concept Art, Environmental Design
Project Industries
Gaming, Hardware, Software, Technology
CES 2019 - Dell Experience