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Pleasant Canyon

Pleasant Canyon is, in it's essence, the story of two Irish brothers at odds. Having grown up in a household where their father's life was ruled by the bottle, Dusty and Jasper O'Banion have been through quite a lot before we meet them. After losing his ranch on a wild placed bet in Oklahoma Indian territory, Emmett O'banion moved his family to Carson City, NV under the false pretense that a distant cousin of his had founded the silver mining enterprise that ruled the development of the area. With a defiled family name in town, his two sons were forced to fend for themselves and defend their own integrity against the other townsfolk. It's not until their father is shot and killed in a bar fight that each of them must find their own journey to making sure their mother is taken care of. Our story takes place after Jasper has left town on a mission to rob several banks and bring home money to save their mother from another ill fated marriage. We meet Jasper as his brother breaks him out of the Ballarat jailhouse in the deserts of California. This is story of their journey together, trying to find peace with each other and make it south to avoid being killed by a posse of Pinkerton agents and law folk. Western in genre, the period piece focuses on the dynamic of a sibling relationship that's been shattered due to their family's struggle against alcoholism. Dusty, the older of the two, has spent the last five years of his life working in the Carson City mines to bring home enough money to support his family. Jasper, who was always much closer with his mother, has devised a plan to rid the family of their troubles for good. When he's caught after robbing two banks further south he's forced to rely on his brother to get them out of harms way and head to Mexico.

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Pleasant Canyon