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7-Eleven Super Bowl Hangover

Win or lose, 7-Eleven will deliver exactly what you need to recover from Super Bowl LIII. And in honor of the big LIII, recovery items were a mere 53¢. We’re talking 53¢ Gatorade to Gatorade shower the winners, and 53¢ tissues to wipe away tears for the losers. Advil, snacks, yada yada, you name it. To announce the deal, we created two, full-page ads in the Boston Globe and the L.A. Times. Both open letter-style ads were a tribute to the fans, their cultures, and to their hangovers. In the day after the Super Bowl the ads generated 6,698 new app installs and 5,885 orders across Monday. It was 7NOW strongest 24 hour period to date. Illustrations by Serge Seidlitz & Kat Choi

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7-Eleven Super Bowl Hangover