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Pepto Bismol Holidays

When we started as the lead creative team on Pepto Bismol, they had a problem: how to grow sales of a product that practically every American already has in their medicine cabinet? Let alone one that for everybody is linked to 'upset stomach, diarrhea'. We chose to focus on shared occasions, holidays and cultural milestones. You know, the times when everyone tends to gather round, eat and drink a little too much… or a lot too much. By focusing on the celebration rather than the symptom, we started to change people's concepts of what Pepto is and why you should always have it handy. In nine months, we almost tripled the Facebook fan count. And about that double digit growth? Sales grew 16% before the year was out.

Project Roles
Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy
Case Study Videos, Commercials - Broadcast, Commercials - Video
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