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This series is a passion project near and dear to my heart. I've spent the last 2 years deep in a vertical video rabbit hole and this project was an attempt to apply what I've learned - while also turning it on its head. My purpose with these are threefold - explore the power and intimacy of the vertical frame (only seeing detail, texture and hands instead of faces and places), create a different take on the infamous portrait genre by never seeing the maker in full themselves, and finally play with different formats for different aspect ratios and platforms - which you can find across the social sphere including everything from captions for the IGTV cut to retrofitting the vertical frames for 1:1 to create excerpts for LinkedIn. The last thing that was extremely important to me in this project/process was to show that these are ultimately a conversation - it's me, my camera, a friend who I respect and a little rough around the edges that hopefully makes you feel like you're in it with me. Hope you can sink your eyes and ears into it and get pumped to make on your own as well.

Project Roles
Cinematographer, Creative Director, Editor (Film/TV)
Adobe Premiere Pro, Cinematography, Filmmaking, Post-Production
Experimental Films
Project Industries